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Audit & Assurance Services

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External Audit

The annual financial statements of companies registered as per the company law in Kuwait is required to be audited by an independent auditor. Banks, Financial institutions and money exchanges need to assess the effec-tiveness of internal control system by an independent auditor.

We perform generally accepted auditing procedures to express an independent opinion on the financial statement of the company.

We work independently , understanding how business and finance performs, iden-tifying ways to improve . Our expertise are not limited but cater to various industries such as Oil and Gas , Telecom, Edu-cation , Health Sector…etc.

Internal Audit

Through our internal audit services, we ensure our client organization’s risk management, governance, management controls, compliance with regula-tions and efficiency of operations.

Internal audit assignment is usually an ongoing assignment with monthly retainer ship.

  • Monitor operating results
  • Evaluate internal controls
  • Assist with increasing efficiency of operations
  • Compliance with regulatory body
  • Detect fraud

Tax Audit

As a tax consultant, we advise client organization on various tax related issues. The business with foreign companies as shareholders requires tax to be paid on foreign companies portions of profit.

Without support of in-formed tax consultants you may file inaccurate returns or not make use of the provisions to minimize taxation.

  • Registration with Ministry of Finance
  • Tax filing
  • Tax Objection and appeals
  • Filing returns
  • National Labor Support Tax Law Compliance
  • Income tax clearance

Over 10 years of experience we shall ensure, you get the best service.