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Feasibility Study

Feasibility study, as self-explained, is an exercise carried out to ensure a new project is feasible.

We do the assess and study feasibility for almost all the aspects of business, be it technical or economical.

Ensuring the confirmed businesses to thrive even in the tar-get markets.

Our feasibility study take many form which starts from a simple test, the water approach to a comprehensive coverage report

Business Plan

Business Plan is an important live document any entrepreneur should have before starting a new project or expanding an existing business.

Our Business Plan is comprehensive and covers the business goals, action plan, schedule, resources required, risk mitigation and other contingencies.

Starting with a good plan itself is half victory; nevertheless execution is an important factor for final success.

Our guidance and experience let you walk through the whole path successfully.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence service mainly helps our client before making business transaction decision.

Due diligence comes under our merger & acquisition service where the buyer would like to know if the business he is buying has stated all the real facts.

List of contexts the due diligence service can take is:

(1) To make an acquisition decision

(2) To buy out stake in a firm

(3) Examination of current policies & process

(4) To make preparation for seeking investors

Business Valuation

Through our Business Valuation service we make estimation of a fair market value of a whole business or division.

We employ multiple valuation methods to arrive at a central value of the business in interest

Valuations are invariably needed for:

(1) Merger of two business units

(2) Acquisition of one business by another

(3) Investment decision to purchase stake

(4) Liquidation

Accounting Fraud Analysis

One of the partners or any executive who has influence over account could easily manipulate the accounts to attain his objective.

The fraud could be anything like a simple mis-representation to a big revenue leakage that jeopardize the firm’s existence itself. Our Analysis includes:

(1) Detecting revenue misrepresentation

(2) Identifying revenue leakage

(3) Procurement methods

(4) Bank transactions

CFO Services

Our CFO Service serves as an outside professional support providing high level of advice on finance management and analysis.

We deploying and Manages accounts at client sites.

We provide tailor made service consisting

(1) Budgeting and review

(2) Financial Statement Preparation

(3) Financial Planning & Analysis

(4) Business Planning & Strategy

Over 10 years of experience we shall ensure, you get the best service.